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I first established KEi as a part-time business back in 2005 after working with computer systems and the internet for a number of years. During my career I have developed client-server and web-based applications through full time employment, IT sub-contracts or working as a freelance web developer and designer for a number of organisations.

Based in London, I now work full time on freelance projects, undertaking the majority of development work personally. As there are always times when one pair hands will not do, I supervise a small collection of partner developers, all of whose work is personally checked for quality. To ensure quality service I manage all projects personally. KEi is a small business that offers a wide range of digital solution to many local and international clients .

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Branding / Re-branding

We identify the key elements of your brand and help you communicate that to your audience. We find the right approach and the right strategy


Whether you want to create a sponsorship banner or monetise your YouTube videos, we will create a strategy that generates revenue.


We will run a web audit and depending on our findings, we will make recommendations that range from content refresh to site campaign.

Web / Mobile Application

We help you put together a clear brief and find the right app provider for your project. We can manage the process to ensure the end product meets your specifications.

Email / Marketing campaigns

We connect with your audience, optimise your strategy and lead targeted campaigns to increase your open rate or engagement. We make sense of tracking and reporting so you can make the most of your data.

Social Media

We measure your current social presence and identify which social media platforms are best suited to your business objectives. A monthly and or yearly strategy is developed and implemented.

Digital Strategy

We monitor your online presence across digital platforms and develop a strategy based on our findings and your objectives. Our recommendations will help you focus and position yourself for better results.

Video / Music Production

Video and Music production on the internet have become so common features. They are so common that in some cases they are now part of the cycle of Web or App development. To maximise the exposure of your brand it is important to leverage the power of Video and Music production. Kei offers both services in house, let us know your requirements.

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